About us

The Food Safety Information Council is Australia’s leading disseminator of consumer-targeted food safety information which aims to address the estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year that result in 31,920 hospitalisations, 86 deaths and 1 million visits to doctors on average every year.

We are a health promotion charity supported by state and territory health and food safety agencies, local government, and leading professional, industry and community organisations.


The Council’s major activity is Australian Food Safety Week held annually in the second week of November.

Throughout the year the Council actively promotes food safety through the distribution of information directly to requesting individuals and organisations, and at food safety, educational, health and general safety conferences, exhibitions and expos.

Based on a belief that skills and awareness learnt in external environments will be applied in the home, the Council also partners with organisations actively promoting food safety in the workplace, educational and training institutions, hospitals, child and aged care facilities.

The Council Chair is Rachelle Williams. Previous Chairs have been Professor Michael Eyles, Professor Tom McMeekin, Mr Barry Shay and Mr Bruce Bevan. Meet our Executive.

Council Membership is open to any organisation with an interest in promoting safe food handling practices for consumers.

Sponsorship of Council material and events is welcomed.

Why do we care?

The Food Safety Information Council wants to prevent you and your family becoming ill from food borne diseases by empower you through food safety information. We aim to reduce the incidence of food poisoning, and to protect people from what is often a nasty experience involving diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps and fever. In extreme cases, particularly affecting the young, elderly or those with compromised health systems, death can occur.

Food poisoning is also linked to long-term, chronic illnesses such as Reactive Arthritis (Reiter’s Syndrome)Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

All Council members want to ensure the food they regulate, supply or manufacture is treated well and enjoyed fully.

Who to contact

The Food Safety Information Council provides food storage and preparation information for consumers. We don’t deal directly with food quality issues linked to manufacturers, handlers or retailers. If you have an issue with the quality of a food either contact the manufacturer or the shop where the food was bought. Often your feedback is appreciated and there is a good chance you will receive a replacement. If your issue is with food from a restaurant, café or take away outlet they too may well appreciate your feedback.

When the matter involves illness or you do not feel your concern is being taken seriously contact your local council Environmental Health Officer, who has legislative power to enforce food safety or your state or territory health department or food agency.

Commercial organisations should seek regulatory advice from Food Standards Australian New Zealandstate and territory health departments and food safety agencies, and/or their local government Environmental Health Officer.

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