Previous Australian Food Safety Week themes

2016 Raw and risky foods

2015 ‘Did you know?’ – busting the food safety myths

2014 Temperature danger zone

2013 Shopping food safety

2012 Cross contamination – highlighting the handling, preparation, cooking and storage practices which may lead to cross contamination, with a focus on chicken meat

2011 Vulnerable populations – focusing on foods risky for the young, old, pregnant and immune compromised

2010 Myths and Mastery – debunking incorrect beliefs

2009 Safe Food – smart and great value food safety on a budget

2008 Food Adventures – new foods, new cooking techniques

2007 Back to the basics (10th Anniversary of the FSIC)

2006 Food safety messages for young people leaving home

2005 Food on the move – food safety when travelling including grey nomads and food

2004 Protecting tiny tummies and sensitive systems

2003 Cooking for family and friends

2002 Hand washing and cross contamination