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Ch 7 Morning Show Julian Cox talks about World Food Safety Day

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The Sector Food safety and preventing food waste ideas in early childhood learning centres 

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Environment and Health International v21 Issue 1 Dec 2021  Handwashing research 

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Eativity – Gardening and food safety

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3AW Melbourne drop in salmonella cases in 2020

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Channel 7 Morning Show Julian Cox (about 20 mins in) on AFSW20 food safety tips

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Food Safety Australia AFSW20

Global Handwashing Day coverage:

The Senior No increase in handwashing research

6PR No major increase in Aussies washing hands

3AW Alarming number of Aussies not washing hands

ABC Radio NSW about 10 minutes in https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/nsw-statewide-drive/statewide-drive/12741920

Food Safety News Expected handwashing rise not reflected in surveys in Australia, US

Starts at 60 Protect yourself: No change in Aussies’ handwashing habits amid pandemic

Australian Food Safety News Have Australians Changed their Hand Washing Habits in 2020?

Scimex No major increase in handwashing

Ch 9 Today Show Julian Cox on food sold on social media


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Australian Food Safety News Illegal online food

6PR Perth – Risky business buying food off social media

Daily Mail – social media

ABC Radio Sydney – unregulated food being sold on social media (about 30 mins in)

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Australian Institute of Food Safety World Food Safety Day

Food Safety News Australia sees decline in Campylobacter and Salmonella

ABC Radio (about 30mins into the program) World Food Safety Day

Channel 7 World Food Safety Day

Channel 7 Our Board member Julian Cox speaks about the risk of buying food through social media on Channel 7

Scimex World Food Safety Day

Lifehacker Australia Raw cookie dough


Herald Sun – Experts warn ‘people could die’ unless unregulated food services sold via Facebook are banned

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ABC Queensland Should public toilets have soap?

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ABC Facebook food for sale prompts safety warning

SBS How to cook pulses safely


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ABC Online How to cook the perfect and safe hamburger

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ABC AM How long can you keep eating that Christmas Ham?

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Starts at 60 Christmas food safety

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Sydney Morning Herald Christmas food safety NSW Food Authority

Channel 7 News Christmas food safety Julian Cox

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MCG food poisoning https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/it-was-the-relish-at-high-noon-health-officials-point-blame-at-mcg-food-poisoning-20190813-p52ghf.html

Good food https://www.goodfood.com.au/good-health/five-unexpected-sources-of-food-poisoning-and-how-to-avoid-it-20190813-h1h2oe

Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7354955/Five-unexpected-causes-food-poisoning-avoid-it.html


Watch our Listeria advice on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise  (about 1 hour 15 min into the program)  

10 Daily Should you use your phone on the loo?


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Voxy Hand hygiene advice for the election trail

Scimex Handwashing on the election trail

Food Safety News (US) Wild mushroom warning in Australia

Guardian online Wild mushroom poisoning spike

Newcastle Herald Wild mushroom poisonings

Herald Sun Deathcap mushroom warning


2GB  Salmonella and egg recall

ABC News Salmonella outbreak in eggs


ABC Life Cooking and storing rice

Riot ACT Listeria laced lunchboxes


The Age Food safety when the power goes out

ABC Life Five second rule, storing leftovers and washing chicken



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Macquarie Network Listen to us talk about   Christmas food safety (about 15 mins in)

The Senior Summer cooking a recipe for disaster

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Australian Journal of Pharmacy Talking turkey on food poisoning

ABC Health Bacillus cereus and Christmas food safety tips

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Cowra Guardian Christmas food safety


ABC Brisbane 14 Nov 7.30am Breakfast

Good Food Sausage cooking advice

The Senior Listeria warning: quiz raises awareness

Choice Meat thermometer tests

Safe Food Production Queensland Listeria facts

SBS online One in three Australian households may be at risk of Listeria

Scimex One in three Australian Households at risk of potentially deadly Listeria infection

Food Safety News AFSW18 Listeria advice

Summer entertaining and AFSW18 House of Wellness


Global Handwashing Day 9 Honey How to wash your hands properly (because almost no one does)and RCGPs  Global Handwashing Day: Clean hands are a recipe for health


Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 Food safety tips


ABC Radio Canberra Have you ever had food poisoning