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Australian Food Safety Week 2020 will be held from 14 to 21 November 2020. The theme for the Week will be chosen at our Planning Day to be held in March 2020. Be involved by becoming a member find out how


Australian Food Safety Week 2019 was held from 9 to 16 November 2019 and the theme was ‘Excellent eggs – handle them safely’.

Many thanks to Australian Pasteurised Eggs our Gold Sponsors for this year.

During AFSW19 we released our latest consumer research which found 1 in 4 Australians eat raw eggs and 12% are doing it regularly read more

Our new TV and radio community service announcements ran from 10 November until the end of January 2020.


Radio CSA


Listen to our Indigenous CSA (thanks to Food Standards Australia NZ)

There are lots of ways you can get involved:

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Plan an event like a BBQ, morning tea or display at your local library and register it here so we can promote it. Here are some of the events that happened:

City Of Wodonga Vic – Wodonga Waste transfer station BBQ Breakfast 8am Friday 15 November

Hawkesbury Council NSW has free handwashing stickers to hand out – pick up from their council chambers

Gold Coast Public Health Unit will have be at Robina Town Centre on Wed 13 November handing out information, fridge thermometers.  Environmental Health Officers will be on site to provide food safety advice.

Georges River Council NSW “Food Fight” – 12-13 November 2019 find out more

Bayside City Council Victoria Sandringham Village Festival 2019 27 October

Nambucca Vocational College NSW are holding Food Safety Courses  16 November 2019

Burdekin Council Queensland ‘Excellent eggs – handle them safely’ 14 November 2019

Use our Sample media release to let the local media know about AFSW19 and to promote your event

Take our Egg Safety quiz and share with your friends

Print out our Excellent eggs fact sheet

Get out on social media using #AFSW19

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Watch and share our videos

Excellent eggs food safety tips

Excellent eggs – home grown eggs

Pasteurised eggs

Find out more about how eggs are pasteurised from our member Australian Pasteurised Eggs our AFSW19 Gold Sponsors

Watch their video about how eggs are pasteurised

Download the pasteurised eggs poster











Thanks to our AFSW sponsors and supporters

Australian Pasteurised Eggs our Gold Sponsors for this year.

Australian Science Media Centre




Food Standards Australia New Zealand

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Telligence web hosters

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What happened during AFSW18

Thanks to everyone who took part in AFSW18. The theme for Australian Food Safety Week,10 to 17 November 2018, was ‘Food Poisoning – take it seriously!’ One in three Australian Households at risk of potentially deadly Listeria infection read aobut our research (supported by SA Health) in this media release



Our 2018-19 Australian Food Safety Week and summer campaign  ‘Food poisoning- take it seriously) was highly successful:

  • Our TV and radio ad distribution was worth $1,026,939 had they been purchased
  • Our videos were shown in 5,300 GP surgeries during December and January reaching an audience of 15 million a month
  • We reached an audience of over 2 million with our media interviews.




Our member Choice has reviewed meat thermometers – read the results for free during AFSW18 Meat thermometer tests










What happened during AFSW17?

Australian Food Safety Week was held from 11 to 18 November 2017 and its theme was ‘Is it done yet? Use a thermometer for great food, cooked safely every time’

70% of Australians surveyed don’t know that 75°C is the safe cooking temperature for high-risk foods such as hamburgers, sausages and poultry. 75% of Australians surveyed also reported that there wasn’t a meat thermometer in their household and only 44% of those with a thermometer reported using is over the previous month.

The 2017 Australian Food Safety Week ‘Is it done yet? Use a thermometer for great food, cooked safely every time’ was highly successful:

  • We produced a TV community service announcement that was screened 366 times and 3 radio announcements were aired 4,100 times, including to specific indigenous audiences.
  • Our YouTube video was shown in 49,000 GP surgeries reaching an audience of 14 million a month.
  • The media coverage reached a known audience of 1,186,076.
  • 1650 posters, 3300 brochures and 682 fridge thermometers were distributed to community events around the country.
  • A pre and post campaign survey found a 1% increase in safe cooking temperature knowledge and that cooking temperature knowledge was higher among people who owned thermometers.

See more about AFSW2017

Find out more about what happened during AFSW2018 here

What happened during Food Safety Week 2016

The theme for the 20th Australian Food Safety Week, held from 6 to 12 November 2016, was ‘Raw and risky’ foods following major food poisoning outbreaks in recent years linked to risky raw foods such as unpasteurized milk, raw eggs, bean/seed sprouts, frozen berries and lettuce.

Thanks to our major sponsors and supporters Elanco Animal Health (Australia), Catercare, Tonic Health Media and MediaHeads  who enabled Food Safety Week to go ahead this year.

Check out our media release and raw egg consumption research for Food Safety Week and our raw and risky food fact sheet

Here is some of the coverage for Food Safety Week 2016:

  • Media coverage from Nov 2016 to January 2017 generated 38 print media articles, 67 TV news items, and 69 radio items reaching a total audience 5,112,659 (3,189,559 print and 1,923,100 radio and TV)
  • The TV community service announcement was shown 851 times in mainland capital cities on Channels 7, 9 and 10 reaching a value of $2,502,698 if the ads purchased. It was also shown on regional stations: Network Ten, Southern Cross Austereo Television (SCA), Imparja, Channel Seven, Prime7, WIN, ABC TV, Sky Racing Direct and ICTV – Indigenous Community Television reaching multiple Indigenous communities nationwide
  • Through a partnership with Tonic Health Media the TV ad was played to an audience of 3,278,954 December 2016 to January 2017 at 910 sites where 4,000 GPs work where there is an average of 2,372,840 patients who wait an average of 34 minutes. The value of this if purchased would have been $75,342
  • Over 4,000 How you cook posters and 20,000 brochures mailed out to events in all states and territories, many held by local government authorities

See some of our media coverage:

Womens’ Weekly

Radio 2UE

Yahoo/Channel 7


Australian Science Media Centre


Community events

Each year many events are held around Australia during Food Safety Week.This is some of what happened in the community:

Rockhampton Council held a shopping centre event

Bega Council offered egg separators as a prize

Mackay Hospital and Health Services got media coverage

Kiama Council was in the news

WA Health put out a media release

The Australian Chicken Meat Council had some great tips

Dairy Safe Victoria had some dairy advice



Radio and TV ads

Our TV community service announcement ran from 6 November and running through to the end of January 2017.

Listen to our radio public information messages here contact us at if you’d like copies to download


Mail out

Thanks to everyone who has ordered or posters, brochures and fridge thermometers – we’ve mailed out 4,000 posters, 16,000 brochures and over 500 fridge thermometers to events around the country. The Food Safety Week mail out has now closed but let us know if you would like boxes of posters/brochures for the cost of postage or fridge thermometers for $3.30 each + postage for other events.

We are concerned that this year’s activities will be severely curtailed as we still haven’t had our long term Federal Government restored after it was suddenly withdrawn 2 years ago. Help us make sure that the 20th Australian Food Safety Week won’t be the last by sponsoring our important work, particularly to fund our research, radio and TV announcements and media release distribution – see our Sponsorship guide. You can contact us on 0407 626 688 or emailing

Join us to help reduce the amount of food poisoning in Australia – find out about how to become a member.

We are a health promotion charity solely funded by donations and need your help – find out how!

 What happened during Australian Food Safety Week 2015

2015 ‘Did you know?’ – busting the food safety myths

The 2015 Food Safety Week, with a budget of less than $20,000, was one of the most successful ever:

  • 90 organisations, including local government, schools, aged care facilities and workplaces registered events with us
  • our media release generated 56 news items that reached 12,098,793 unique viewers
  • more than 6,000 people completed our online food safety quiz
  • our radio messages were played 6,903 times on 78 stations (20 metropolitan and 58 rural, regional and remote)
  • our TV community service announcement was broadcast 329 times nationally
  • an Omnipoll national survey we held in late January 2016 found that total recall of a food safety message in the media was 31% – 23% recalled messages on TV, 9% in newspapers, 6% on radio and 9% on the internet.

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